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Why Choose Us?

Agape is a small and friendly business aiming to provide you with the best quality and personalized care for your hearing needs.

According to a recent study most Hearing Health Care Providers/Audiologists have a lesser preference for patient centredness in Australia. According to this study, more than 69% of clients prefer a patient centred interaction with their Clinical Audiologist. At Agape, we believe that the overarching theme of patient centred audiological rehabilitation is individualised care. We recognise the importance of flexibility across all aspects of audiological rehabilitation, meeting the expectation of clients, which includes the preferences of being informed and involved in the clinical rehabilitation process.

We are an independent family owned business. We are not owned or supported by any Hearing aid manufacturer- Most hearing health care providers are either manufacturers’ outlets or have contracts with the main manufacturer due to economic benefits/reasons.

Many small hearing aid outlets get assistance to start their business from major manufacturers with a term contract to sell their products. As a client, you don’t get an opportunity to try or purchase hearing aids which have the best innovative technology as most organisations have their flagship products/brands. As an independent hearing healthcare provider, Agape provides the best hearing aids and accessories from a choice of different manufacturers, and you get a better product based on your lifestyle and budget.

Why pay more?

Due to the higher prices & unrealistic profit margins set by organisations, Individuals are forced to buy their hearing aids and consumables online without a proper diagnosis of their hearing health, i.e., not realising if their hearing loss is due to any underlying health problems. At Agape, our prices are kept to a minimum.

Why pay more when you can purchase top brand hearing devices and receive hearing services for unbelievable prices through Agape. Our unique business model is aimed at reducing all overheads and passing these benefits on to our clients.

Exceptional service

Agape believes that good outcomes depend on the type of device chosen, it’s fitting, counselling and extensive follow-up. Our Audiologist is highly qualified and well experienced to provide this.

We believe that individuals should be encouraged to be active participants in their health care through the creation of a power balanced, therapeutic relationship with our clinician.

In this age of Information Technology clients are more likely to express their preference for involvement in decision making and prefer a more Patient-centered care approach. Our experience shows that there is a strong link between the appointment time and the quality of client to audiologist interaction. Longer appointments, more counselling, discussion of client needs etc. result in better outcomes.

Our practice follows evidence-based and ethical frameworks in which clients are considered more holistically, and optimal outcomes are associated with valuing input from our customers.

Most of our clients confirm that they have visited more than one Audiologist/Clinic, and they have experienced a more Practice-centered approach – considering customers just as a number or the next patient.The Article Published in the International Journal Of Audiology 2014: 53: S68 – S75 summarizes that the core trends in current Audiology practice reveal that most Audiologists are too interested in selling hearing aids like used car salespersons: not very professional by pressurizing clients to immediately choose a hearing aid and get cracking.

At Agape, we ensure that Individualized care is maintained by involving clients in the clinical process by empowering them in the decision-making process and information is provided to take this initiative. We value that our Audiologists are the experts clinically, but the output from Clients is considered equally.As an independent service provider, our Audiologists have access to the best hearing aids available in the market.

Quality Service

Agape Quality Policy (based on BSEN15927 (Standard for Services offered by Hearing Aid Professionals) & Audiological Society of Australia Recommended Standard for Clinical Practice Part A & B) specifies the following should be maintained as a minimum.

A quality communication exists between the Audiologist and the Client at all times.

Individual Care - where the Audiologist listens, understands and gets to know the Client and their individual hearing needs.

Information (Sharing) is to be provided to the Client by the Audiologist about their hearing health.

Decision making – Clients often prefer an Audiologist (as an expert) to make decisions, but Clients to be well informed about why these decisions are being made.

Skills & Knowledge of the Audiologist - Professional development and interpersonal skills (caring & interested).

Reports & Referrals– Audiometric reports will be provided to clients after testing, GP reports and specialist referrals will be provided wherever required.

Organization – The Clients has access to and appropriate time with, the Audiologist over a period of time.

Don’t pay less and get poor quality services. Our practice follows at least the minimum requirements specified by Clinical Standards for all our procedures. Majority of other hearing service providers in Australia do not follow these standards.

Our procedures include Pure-tone audiometry (as per AS/ISO 8253 Part 1), Speech Audiometry (as per AS/ISO 8253 Part 3), Tympanometry fulfilling the requirements in AS60645 Part 5, real-ear measurements are performed to ISO12124.

We have a Quality management system to a very high standard to ensure maximum client satisfaction, which comprises the following.

  • Quality management objectives and procedures.
  • Procedures to monitor the fitting quality, and if necessary, initiate corrective actions
  • Documentation to a high standard.
  • Customer complaint handling.
  • Evaluation of services offered to client.
  • Corrective actions.

Agape follow-up services – Getting used to hearing devices can take time and to obtain full benefit from hearing aids we offer extensive follow up services.

The Consistency of care – You will be seeing a single Audiologist throughout your assessment and rehabilitation journey unlike other hearing service providers. You are guaranteed individualised attention, fair, honest and ethical treatment. This is our promise to you.

No parking fuss & easy access to the clinic – Our convenient location and state of the art facilities allow you easy access to one of the best quality of services in hearing health care. We are not located in busy shopping centres or hard to access locations where parking can be a nightmare. We have taken particular attention to this and ensured that our clinic is located in a quiet safe suburb that is easy to access.

Our infection control procedures – are to a high standard.

At Agape, costs for consumables are kept to a minimum – For example, Power One batteries which are usually sold for $60 - $72 (a pack of 60), costs $25.00 at Agape.