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With regards to the Privacy Act 1988 (Ref Part IX -95A, OAIC Fact Sheet X & Agape Privacy Policy) only first name and the Suburb will be provided as apart of the review. No photos, videos or any identification which can affect the privacy of our Clients will be used for our marketing or any promotional use. However, all the original documents will be available for Audit Purpose in accordance to latest revision of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 (ISO 9001:2015) Clause 9.1.2 "Customer Satisfaction - Customer perception of meeting the needs and expectations"

Review 61 (5 Nov 2018)

Great service very honest and helpful

Paul, Pt Denison WA6525

Review 60 (2 Nov 2018)

Recommended audiologist.. excellent and professional care with precision diagnosing. You will be very pleased if you visit this audiologist.

Ross, Duncraig WA 6023

Review 59 (17 Oct 2018)

A very thorough and understanding approach. Varsha always makes sure you understand where you are at and what is possible to improve your hearing. Never felt rushed at appointments. Pricing of the hearing aids was very competitive. Would recommend Agape to anyone wanting to get the best solution for their particular hearing issue.

Craig, Bull creek WA 6149

Review 58 (16 Oct 2018)

After reading so many positive reviews regarding Agape they tended to sound"over the top" in their praise and recommendation of Varsha's professionalism and thoroughness and personal interest in her clients. I had my first appointment and right from the start everything I had read was proved to be at least as good as the reviews stated. I only wish that I had decided to look into getting hearing aids much earlier than now but I had a typical attitude that its not too bad and I can smile and say yes , and pretend that I know what the crowd is talking about. Varsha made sure that I was completely satisfied and comfortable with the aids that I chose. No pressure to sign up for any particular make or model based on price, just a knowledgeable thoroughness and expertise about what suited my needs best. Her prices are the best anywhere and follow up sevice and appointments are as particular as the first. I have no hesitation in recommending Varsha to anyone regardless of the degree of hearing needs, the outcomewill be as satisfying for you as it is for me.

Gerry, Jurien Bay, WA 6516

Review 57 (8 Oct 2018)

Having suffered with impaired hearing for a number of years I have had 3 different brands of behind the ear aids. The first ones did a very good job but were quite expensive. I bought a back up pair whilst on an overseas holiday only for them to be corroded in two years. Worldwide Warranty with a well known brand does not exist despite the literature. The last pair I purchased promised a good price. I should have realised that when the aids started to squeak whilst the audiologist was adjusting them that should have told me I was buying a pair of duds. I went to Agape nearly 2 years ago and found the service, information, and warranty outstanding. The aids themselves work a treat. Bluetooth capability makes driving easy as well as listening to music or watching films whilst flying. The total price is very reasonable for what you get. Yes, I occasionally forget to remove them before showering or remove them when I go to the gym; but, hey they are great. Thank you Varsha.

Marcus, East Victoria Park WA 6101

Review 56 (5 Oct 2018)

Would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Gerry, Gwelup WA6018

Review 55 (18 Sept 2018)

highly recommend this clinic

John, Ledge Point WA 6043

Review 54 (25 Aug 2018)

I got my hearing aid through Agape Australia and I am very happy with the quality of care and services I received. Very thorough and friendly. Thankyou to my audiologist Varsha Mathew I can now hear my wife clearly (whether its a good thing), nothing is too much trouble for her I also found her pricing to be quite a bit cheaper than others, quite a bit, and she also provides very good after care. One again Thank you Varsha

John, Ledge Point WA 6043

Review 53 (2 Aug 2018)

Good Morning Varsha,

I would just like to thank you for your excellent service and pricing for my recent dealings with you regarding my hearing disabilities.

I have over the past ten years been associated with other hearing aid suppliers and not being satisfied with service, application or results.

I found that your thoroughness and application of requirements as second to none and would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.

Looking forward to a continued association over future years.

Laurie, South Perth WA

Review 52 (14 July 2018)

Being a seasoned aid wearer from the age of 5. I have had many associations with hearing providers. My previous aids were due to expire and the world of hearing aid technology and providers had advanced in a vast way. I began to search and had made multiple appointments. The appointment with Varsha was very clear. Varsha has compassion, empathy, honesty, professionalism and is a excellent audiologist. Without a doubt I highly recommend Varsha at Agape Hearing.

Julie, Gidgegannup WA6083

Review 51 (1 June 2018)

On my journey in researching hearing aids, I came accross the name Agape Hearing and Processing Clinic.

The name AGAPE attracted me as the word Agape derives form the Acient Greek Word found in the Bible meaning immeasurable and imcomparable love for human mankind.

I can honestly say the name Agape best describes my experience whilst dealing with Varsha and her business.

Varsha conducts herself in her profession with compassion and honesty as well as going above and beyond her means in regards to advice and guidance of the Hearing Aid Device.

The technology in a Hearing Aid Aid Device however does come with a significant cost . I found that AGAPE were honest and integerist in regards to the pricing and I was happy with quality of the Hearing Aid Device I chose.

The time and distance from where ever you are is worth the travel.

I can and will HIGHLY recommend anyone to VARSHA at AGAPE HEARING SERVICES that are in need of a Hearing Device. I believe VARSHA is an excellent audiologist.

Fernand, Yangebup WA6164

Review 50 (2 July 2018)

Agape is simply the best. I began exploring my hearing problem with a well know hearing clinic in Perth. I was surprised by the lack of detailed interest in my case, and the waffle I received in answer to my questions; to cap it off, they seemed to have preferred products. Varsha on the other hand made her own detailed hearing assessment and could readily explain the pro and cons of the different products on the market and suggest the best solution for my problem. Nor did she want to sell me two hearing aids, when only one was necessary. Varsha can clearly explain detailed technical questions. The most satisfying aspect is the complete thoroughness that Varsha gives to detailed measurements and set-up during the first and subsequent fitting processes. A very impressive service, which I doubt is available at any other Perth hearing clinic. No need to shop around, Varsha is the best in Perth.

Roger, City Beach WA6015

Review 49 (29 May 2018)

How to access the latest technology at a reasonable price with an independent and registered professional audiologist was a real challenge. My own experience as a hearing aid user for more than 60 years, and having worked professionally as an Audiologist, is that it was well worth making the trek to Varsha’s clinic where you will find the latest equipment, an ongoing professional relationship with the major technology providers and the time to sort through the many issues that go with such a complex disability as hearing loss.

Hearing aid technology and assistive listening devices are as sophisticated now as anything else out there in our digital world and despite a slow deterioration in hearing with age, I feel I am coping now in retirement as well as ever- if not better. If you a looking for free trial in safe, friendly and experienced hands, and a business model that works to keep your costs down, then give Agape a go.

Michael, Crawley WA6009

Review 48 (27 May 2018)

There really is very little I can say about Varsha that isn't summed up in two words.....THE BEST! As said in other reviews she is so professional but beyond that she really cares. My case was a little testing and she was there to help many times, I thank her for this . Would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Stephanie, Leederville WA6007

Review 47 (15 May 2018)

Totally recommend for any hearing issues. Varsha is very helpful and honest

Tracey, Ballajura WA6066

Review 46 (30 April 2018)

Well, six stars plus really! Varsha is the top audiologist, by far, that I have had the pleasure to meet in spending 24 years with hearing impairment. Varsha is a thorough professional in every way. Her testing is precise, her advice clear and detailed. Her customer service is without parallel, and her ethical methods give quality care and honesty which is a breath of fresh air. If you wish to be treated like a member of the human race, not someone 'who is deaf, and therefore invisible..' then I can hugely recommend the expert help which Varsha can provide. She is extremely patient and kind , and her personality, a little gem. Her recent help with choosing ,testing and fitting my new hearing aids, plus her generous follow-up service has completely changed my day to day life. Thank you so much Varsha.

Barbara, Quinns Rocks WA6030

Review 45 (22 April 2018)

To whom it may concern...

Hi my name is Andrew & I have been deaf since I was 3 months of age due to being seriously ill at that time...

I am now at the time of writing this preview about to turn 49 Years of age...

So over the years I have had more than my fare share of consolations by many a different an audiologists....

So I have as you can imagine both good & not so good ones...
Both females & males...
Both Older & younger....
& of cause now..
Varsha Mathews....

Varsha in my experience as an audiologist & hearing aid provider... stands alone as the BEST EVER in her field at every aspect of the services that she delivered to myself as a client of hers & her business...

Agape Australia...

I looked & searched all over the world to find the cheapest hearing aids of the make & model that I had presquibed by a previous audiologist...

I was surprised to find the cheapest in my nearest city in Perth & with about a 41% saving that was an extra very pleasant surprise...

I don’t live in Perth but out in the country Western Australia 6 hours by road away & work on a 2 on 1 week off roster sometimes more weeks on if need be... Varsha worked my appointments in according to my roster perfectly so I had prompt service as soon as I got into town & had time to see me again before i had to leave if I needed adjustments on the aids or any other of the devices that are in the hearing aid packages that she provides...

I have a quite severe hearing loss so I wasn’t the easiest of clients for her to fit the hearing aids to...
but never once did she show any frustration or deturance about this hearing loss ...
My hearing loss seemed to be just more of an exciting challenge for her to deliver the best hearing to me that she could possibly provide...

Varsha was the most precise with the explanation of any of the hearing aids & or products that she was setting up for me..
Varsha never hesitated to repeat herself & repeat herself again if it was need be...
As with this modern technology it can be a little frustrating & dournting for us “moldie oldies” to understand at the best of times..
Hahahaha Varsha was the most thorough & precise with her double checks with everything that she does so as to make sure that she has done it & done it to the best of her ability to suit my needs the most..
Varsha does not hesitate to seek advice from her hearing aid distributing companies if she is a little unsure or needs to just double check her own knowledge & experiences...
Varsha took all the time that she needed to get it right with my hearing aids...
never once did I feel rushed out for the next client rostered in her day...
Varsha speaks load & clear & to your face whenever she speaks so that she is heard clearly & is understood well... This is one of the most important parts of the service for me personally as knowing that I atually lip read a lot more than I even realise...
I thought at one time that she was so good & nice that she too must also be deaf..
But no she is not atually one of us but does treat us as equals nether the less...
Agape means unconditional love...
Varsha Mathews is unconditionally the best audiologist & hearing aid provider in her field..
With being the most helpful, kind, generous , trustworthy, honourable, thorough & most respectful of all I have had providing me, my hearing aids over so many years...
I most certainly won’t be looking anywhere else in the future for my hearing services...
As I will be going to Varsha Mathews & her business Agape Australia...
Thankyou so very much again...


for setting me up with the best hearing that I have had in like ever & for being so good & most certainly the best at what you do..
Kind regards

Andrew, Karlgoorlie WA6433

Review 44 (March 16 2018)

Having read previous customer reviews on Agape Australia I can honestly say, from my experience, that all the positive comments are entirely accurate. I have done extensive research and obtained quotes from various providers and and none came close to the charges offered by Varsha. Furthermore, the outstanding service, patience and customer care provided by Varsha is so refreshing in today's world where sometimes sales incentives may take precedence over customer needs. For those considering hearing aids, you can be assured of the most personalised attention, unbiased advice and obligation free service with a most experienced and highly competent audiologist, Varsha Mathew.

Peter, Dianella WA

Review 43 (10 March 2018)

I thought it was time to comment on Agape Australia and my Phonak Audeo B70. This is my second pair of good quality hearing aids, so I was aware of the absolute amazement of what hearing aids can do. After seeing my previous provider, and a subsequent interview with a new provider, (neither of which proved satisfactory) I found Agape via the net. The first appointment and subsequent appointments have been extremely thorough and professional. Everything is fully explained and criteria /benchmark requirements and expectations are totally discussed. As it turned out because I knew what to expect my requirements were fully met. I believe the pricing is very competitive and the offer of follow up assistance from Varsha is far superior to that of the previous 2 businesses I have had associations with. I believe I made an excellent choice with Agape. I regards to the Phonak Audeo B 70, so far so good. Clarity is excellent, comfort (am I wearing hearing aids??) brilliant. In fact watch the comfort, I have hit the shower once so far, luckily not my head or hair before I realised I had them in. As part of the deal I received the Phonak ComPilot Air 11. This bluetooth idea is great but the performance is limited. On a follow up visit Varsha gave me an adjustable cord for around your neck, this works far better that the spring clip but it needs to be very tight. The bluetooth idea is terrific but its not good enough yet. Thank god I didn't pay for it. My overall experience with both Phonak & Agape has been excellent. Totally recommend both.

Geoff, Greenwood WA

Review 42 (12 Feb 2018)

Very very very thorough, in testing, making sure you understand the options, making sure you can use and look after the hearing aids properly, making sure they are set up for your needs and that you get a good deal. I have been really impressed (after going to two other audiologists and having had hearing aids for four years) Varsha is great!

David, Innaloo WA6018

Review 41 (30 Jan 2018)

Absolutely amazing service and professional service Leaves the others well behind in all areas including price. Cannot praise Varsha enough. Just glad i did the online research. Al so heard the advertising on curtin radio.. Does not matter where you live it is well worth the traveling to get the service.

George, Winthrop WA

Review 40 (30 Jan 2018)

I was lucky to be referred to Varsha by my friend and neighbour. I needed to replace a lost hearing aid. The service from Varsha was first class throught the whole process. Varsha is very professional, competent and courteous. She explained everything very clearly and provided good reference notes and general advice. To cap it off, her price was 40% below what I paid originally! She has since provided servicing to my other hearing aid and given some excellent advice on managing my tinnitus. Highly recommended!

Nondas, WA

Review 39 (24 Jan 2018)

I cannot praise Varsha enough. She is honest, thorough in her appraisal of my hearing and what hearing devices were available and she provides great after sales service. My in-ear hearing aids have made a big improvement to my hearing and were very well priced. I would thoroughly recommend agapeaustralia.

Jim, Menora

Review 38 (17 January 2018)

Thank God for Agape Hearing and may he continue to Bless and keep you. After looking around and finding Agape Hearing I was blown away by professional service I received and the price. Other providers were more than twice the price and only part of the service, I am so happy with my outcome that I can't praise Agape Hearing enough,

Craig, Seville Grove WA 6112

Review 37 (15 October 2017)

I had been to another hearing aid company and been quoted in excess of $10,000 for a pair of hearing aids. Fortunately my wife saw agapeaustralia’s advert in the West Australian and I decided to get a second opinion. I am so glad I did for the following reasons: • the price for the same hearing aids was approximately $4000 cheaper! (no overheads); • the initial assessment was free; • the testing was more thorough and included tests not carried out by the other provider; • I was recommended a brand of hearing aid that was not even mentioned to me by the other provider and it better suited my requirements; • three years of free follow-up consultancy and two boxes of free batteries, plus; • a very professional service by a very experienced consultant. Varsha is very good at what she does. She loves her work and it shows. I could not recommend her more highly.

Ric, Trigg WA6029

Review 36 (8 September 2017)

Hearing had been a bit of a problem for me for some time. Watching TV with the family I either missed a lot of words or suffered complaints about the volume level. Having a conversation in a crowded room was nearly impossible, and missing some of the conversation in meetings was a problem at work. It was daunting to start looking around for a solution, there were adds that leaped out of the newspaper every day, with free trials and studies etc. I finally booked one of these free trials, had the hearing test (which confirmed my need), and was issued a set of the latest and greatest hearing aids. I fell in love with them almost immediately, just walking out of the consulting rooms I was hearing sounds that I had forgotten existed. The problems that I had were greatly diminished, I could hear the TV and was even able to help when someone said "what did they say?", and the ultimate test in a crowded room was also a pretty good experience. But(!!), I definitely had a problem convincing myself that my improved lifestyle was worth the cost of what they were asking for these little things. So, I started looking around a bit more and came across Agapeaustralia's website. What I was seeing was a bit hard to believe, how could they sell these things for half what others were asking (it had to be a scam)? So I gave them a call, and arranged an appointment to see them. To cut to the chase, Varsha proved to be a delightful person, very professional and very capable to assist me in my journey. She was able to provide so much more information and answer my many questions. And yes the place is legit!! I did feel bad that I had done the trial somewhere else, so I went back to the original company. They were not happy and spent some time trying to discredit others in the market, and they said that they could not match the deal on offer. Half an hour later, I received a call from them very sweetly saying that they had discussed this with management and decided that on this one off occasion that they would match the offer. By this time I had thought the whole thing through and already decided that if their morals allowed them to charge be double the costs then this wasn't a company that I wanted to deal with. Since then Varsha has continued to provide me with a great service, and I am very happy with the hearing aids. So apologies for the long story, but there are so many of you out there that are going through the same learning curve. I hope this helps.

Rod, Kallaroo WA 6025

Review 35 (1 Sep 2017)

One-person audiology business. Excellent prices and highly competent.

Ken on Google Business

Review 34 (29 Aug 2017)

Varsha is incredibly professional and thorough in everything she does. Incredibly greatful to be able to trial the new Oticon Opn hearing aids. 100% of recommendations for hearing aids to you guys for sure!

Cameron Agape Australia Facebook

Review 33 (21 July 2017)

Excellent service for Hearing Aids

Andrew on Google Business

Review 32 (10 Aug 2017)

I can't thank Varsha enough for the professionalism and level of customer service she provided. I am extremely satisfied with the hearing aids and advice recommended to me by Varsha which have made a significant improvement to my hearing and more importantly my self confidence whereby I am no longer trying to lip read or make assumptions of what the person said.

Sean, Hocking WA6065

Review 31

I had been aware of my hearing loss for a long time and was constantly being scolded by family members for having television and radio volumes too high or for asking for conversation to be repeated. I was however tardy in taking any action because of my perception of the financial commitment involved. I have relatives with hearing issues whose bad experiences heightened my fears in this matter. I finally however took the plunge and visited two reputed audiologists. I had had previous hearing tests on leaving jobs and the results showed marked deterioration in the treble spectrum of my hearing. These test results proved similar and I was told I needed hearing aids so I asked for quotes on some to correct this deficiency. The costs were staggering, resulting me telling one audiologist that my motor car cost less. My second experience was similar, leaving me thinking that I would have to bear my suffering for the remainder of my life. I subsequently saw an ad from Agape which renewed my hopes. I made an appointment to see Varsha who assessed me and confirmed the same result again but this time the costs quoted were far more equitable to my budget. I have now worn hearing aids for nearly a year and they have made a vast improvement to my life. I again take part in family conversations and it is now my wife who turns up the tv volume. I am delighted with my experience. The service and follow up from Varsha has been professional, prompt and caring and I seriously recommend Agape Hearing to any prospective client.

Andrew, Bennett Springs

Review 30 (2 Aug 2017)

I am a bloke in my early 50's I had regular hearing tests as part of my employment medicals and knew that I had something not quite right with my hearing. I had a couple of tests with two supposed audiologists before. The previous two hearing tests I had resulted in the first saying I have defective hearing in my right ear and normal age related hearing in my left ear, but they could not do anything to help me. The second audiologist gave me a very brief test and wanted to sell me the top of the range hearing aids at an astronomical price which I was just not prepared to pay. Varsha at Agape conducted the most thorough testing of my hearing that I have ever encountered, she also explained everything in great detail. What I was truly amazed at was how honest she was saying she didn't know for sure if she she could help me because I had normal hearing in some frequencies and profound loss in high frequencies in my right ear (see how much I learnt). The next amazing thing was that Varsha setup a free of charge trial for me to see what she could do for my hearing. I have to say the trial was amazing, and I immediately ordered a pair of the aids. I have been wearing them for a few months now, I have delayed writing a review because I thought something might go wrong, but they are extremely comfortable I went to bed with them on the other night forgetting I was wearing them. More importantly I can now hear with clarity, I can hear people I work with clearly, I can hear my wife in a noisy restaurant, I can hear my friends down the pub, I couldn't before I just nodded and smiled, I have favorite songs which I can now hear voices and instruments in that I have not heard before. I honestly had no idea how much I was missing out on, Varsha in my opinion is the most thorough caring health professional I have met to date, she has made a significant difference to my daily life thank you Varsha. I would recommend anyone that has any doubts about their hearing give Varsha a call.

Paul, Merriwa WA6030

Review 29 (22 May 2017)

After a not so good experience with an audiologist at a local shopping center, with a rather hasty test where the testing equipment failed at one stage, a quick try-on of a pair of hearing aids and feeling rushed to sign a quote, I felt totally overwhelmed. I knew I badly needed hearing aids and the price quoted meant I could not really afford the best option. I also was not told if the hearing aids tried on me were the ones I had been quoted for. So I did more research and came across Agape Australia. What a difference! Varsha ran very thorough tests. She also planed very realistic time frames for her consultations and nothing was rushed, making sure all my questions are answered. Pricing at Agape also meant that I could now consider the top options available. I was given a few weeks to wear and test the hearing aids before committing to my final choice. I can not but thank and praise Varsha for her professionalism, dedication, patience and friendly service. I absolutely recommend Agape Australia!

Heidi, Padbury WA

Review 28 (10 May 2017)

Fantastic service, reliable professional advice. Looking after the clients needs and not concerned with "upselling".Thank you Varsha for your attentive service and quality products.

David, Bullsbrook WA

Review 27 (5 May 2017)

Went to my health fund recommended hearing provider first and can only say the hard sell and prices was enough to turn me away from hearing aids for ever, but my hearing loss needed addressing. Luckily I found Varsha a highly knowledgeable professional with out the hard sell and very reasonable up front prices. I have two hearing aids working perfectly, cannot recommended Agape Australia and Varsha highly enough.

Keith, Kinross WA

Review 26

Like many people i was reluctant to admit I needed hearing aids. I went to a couple of clinics but would not commit. My wife continued to remind me that I had a hearing loss, I am glad I waited to find Agape Australia! I now have two hearing aids and am absolutely delighted. Varsha Matthew is a thorough professional. She is technically very competent, highly knowledgeable and a person of total integrity. She has left no stone unturned to ensure that every detail of my hearing requirements are attended to. I have total confidence in my audiologist and unreservedly recommend Agape Australia.

Tony, DoubleView WA

Review 25 (03 Mar 2017)

Total customer dedication very pleasant but professional. Keen pricing , good outcome have recommended to others. Will return

John, City Beach WA

Review 24 (16 Feb 2017)

I have had a moderate hearing loss primarily in the upper frequencies from birth. I've tried a good few hearing aid companies and the biggest problem I found was that they just want to sell me any hearing device, not the one to suit my individual loss. Varsha at Agape tested and checked my ears, then advised me on my options for my ear canal and loss. I trialed three different brands and ear pieces at no cost, then the hearing aid I settled on was finely adjusted to suit me. I was comfortable, there was no waiting each time I went to Agape and the appointments were timed to suit me. I have read the reviews and they are all fair dinkum. I've done the shopping around and Agape ticks all the boxes, especially service, price and range.

Chris, Mandurah WA

Review 23 (14 Feb 2017)

I have much pleasure in recommending Agape Audiology. My journey commenced more than twelve years ago with several appointments with other service providers in the metropolitan area. Each company offered tests and quotations that were quite daunting and I did not pursue with their advice and offers. I noticed Agape Audiology advertisement in the paper and followed up with reviewing their web site, then making an appointment. The reception and openness of Varsha was most refreshing and reassuring. Varsha is very skilled in her profession and also very gifted in talking to people. By the time I left I felt I was saying goodbye to a friend. I was carefully stepped through using the aids, maintaining and the many other questions that arose. My purchase was not hurried, I was given an extended time to wear and test the hearing aids before committing myself to the purchase. I was able to use them at an interstate conference I attended and in the board room and then in large noisy situations and on conference calls. I proceeded and purchased the Oticon hearing aids. A short time later I was made redundant from my long term employment. Varsha offered to fully refund the full amount if I required. I am so satisfied with my aids I could not part with them. I have no hesitation in endorsing my (new) friend Varsha.

Alan, Forrestfield WA

Review 22 (31 January 2017)

Varsha is very professional, yet kind and sincere. The hearing tests performed are extensive, and everything is explained as to why it is done and how it is done. On top of that, the price charged for the hearing aids is far less than at other clinics around town. I was going through the process of getting hearing aids through another clinic,when a friend recommended Varsha. while the audiologist at the other clinic was pleasant and knowledgeable, I feel that Varsha gave me much more information and explanation about the hearing tests, hearing loss and hearing aids.

Alice, Marmion WA

Review 21 (16 January 2017)

I recently made an appointment for a hearing test with a well-known Perth company whom I had been going to since 2008 when I had the tests and trialed a set of hearing aids. I was very impressed and purchased the best model in the range at a cost of $10,000. Several years later my dog chewed them up. I replaced them with another, but cheaper, hearing aid at $7,000. Late last year I went for my annual audio test. I was also looking to upgrade and still happy with the Oticon, I wanted the blue tooth option. I saw an ad in my local paper for the same hearing aid. I rang and was quoted $8,000. When I went to my usual provider I was quoted $12,000 with the same extra’s. When I advised I could get the same from a local audiologist I was told to get a written quote and their head office would most likely beat the price. I emailed the local audiologist for a written quote. The response was that only the audiologist could give me a quote during an audio test. I was not happy about this so went on line to research at other audiologists. I found Agape and, without any bargaining, I was quoted $2,995 per hearing aid including the same extras. I was a bit stunned to find I just saved $6,000 from the first priced quoted by the “well-known Perth company” and $2,000 from a local audiologist. I didn’t hesitate, the hearing aids are great and I have saved $6,000. The service from Varsha was first class. It has left me with the question – was I ripped off for $8,500 by the ‘well known Perth company’. The answer is YES.

Tony, Byford WA

Review 20 (30 Dec 2016)

For a highly proffessional approach to hearing problems I have no hesitation in recommending Varsha to any prospective clients. Varsha has spent considerable unpressured time in addressing my own specific problems. I have explored what aids were on the market and at what cost. Varsha has been extremely patient and continued to refine my eventual choice. Where I was previously missing group discussions at Board meetings this has now been rectified. I am wearing the hearing aids each day within and outside of the home and these are bearly visible to others. Varsha is always available for monitoring and offers an excellent caring service.

Abe, Quinns Rocks WA

Review 19 (20 Dec 2016) (this review was provided in the form of a written letter from our client, Agape updated it on our website with his consent)

Thank you Varsha for your caring service. Was at the end of getting hearing tests because I then saw your advertisement. Your professionalism was way above the two other companies I had appointments with. One test took approximately twenty minutes. The other about thirty minutes. Though had to wait while practitioner had social discussion with another worker at their reception area. Went through a couple of tests. Missed one test as one person could not make test unit work. The other was because (quote) unit was faulty. Briefly discussed hearing aids. at one place was given a brochure that would answer any questions. The prices were written on the brochure. From the other place, prices were written on a post it note. As I was leaving, one place had the audacity to request a payment of $50.00 for the test (no previous mention of test payments). For anyone needing or wanting to be tested, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Have Varsha Mathew at Agape Australia test and advise you.

You will receive:

  • • Professional caring service
  • • A comprehensive test and discussion
  • • A print out of test
  • • Explanation of test results
  • • A review of your objectives
  • • Discussion on which hearing aids will suit your lifestyle
  • • A comprehensive written quote with no pressure to buy

Finally, and this is pleasing and disappointing. The price of the hearing aids I selected, which were top of the line, was about the price of the bottom entry level aids quoted by other companies.

Disappointing: Because I wasted my time at other company’s premises

Talk to Varsha:You will get professional caring assistance with brilliant backup services.

Laurie - Warwick WA

Review 18 (19 Dec 2016)

I had researched hearing aids for some time and felt that the 'main street' audiologists were not all that interested in listening to my needs but rather just wanting to push the most expensive option from their name brand offerings. Varsha has listened and cared above and beyond. The hearing aids I needed were supplied with a host of extras to assist me into the future at a substantially better price. The follow-up appointments have been carried out very professionally. Over-all it couldn't have been a better experience, and the aids have been most beneficial. I thoroughly recommend Agape Hearing Services.

Colin - Stoneville WA

Review 17 (13 Dec 2016)

I first went to a different hearing clinic at a shopping centre and found they were just trying to sell me a product at a huge price. I felt uncomfortable with this so I searched online and found agape. I made an appointment and haven't looked back since. Found Varsha to be extremely professional. Very passionate about her work and genuine. Goes above and beyond. Very knowledgeable and thorough. Couldn't be happier with the service. I would highly recommend Varsha and the service she provides.

Grant, Tapping WA

Review 16 (13 Dec 2016)

I travelled quite a long way to see Varsha, and I'm so glad I did. Her service was second to none. I had many more tests than I had when I got my previous hearing aids (at another big company). Varsha explained everything to me and I felt that I understood the way the hearing aids work so much better than before. I have no hesitation in recommending Varsha to others. I feel she is committed to good service and getting the best outcome for the client. A much better experience for me than the previous company I went to, which was also about 40% more expensive. Very easy to give 5 stars. An excellent service at an excellent price.

Linda, Victoria 3431

Review 15 (28 Nov 2016)

All I can say is Amazing and the Service is Outstanding and to be able to have someone like Varsha who understands you and to know were you are coming from. To be able to trial the hearing aides at no cost before you buy them I was very pleased and when I was using the hearing aides the difference with them caught me by surprise I didn't realise what I had been missing out on so now I will not miss out on conversations or miss interpret what people are saying which was a problem for me. I would highly recommend Agape Hearing to all my friends or anyone that has a need. If you find you do have a problem give Varsha a call she is very patient and friendly, and always has a smile to Welcome you nothing is too much trouble for her. Thank you Varsha, from AGAPE Hearing you are such a blessing.

Ange, Sovereign Hill W.A

Review 14 (21 November 2016)

I made an appointment to see Varsha from Agape'australia after reading her advertisement in a newspaper with her very competitive prices for.all hearing aids including top premium models. Varsha is so professional and knowledgeable, and her care and understanding was really appreciated. Varsha spent many hours with me explaining my hearing situation. She is very patient and friendly, and nothing is too much trouble for her. I would thoroughly recommend you to see Varsha if you need hearing aids, and you will be very happy with the result. Thank you Varsha.

Ruth, Mount Lawley WA

Review 13 (27th October 2016)

Thank you Varsha for reminding me that good old fashioned competent, friendly and efficient service does still exist! And at a fair price as well. Thank you very much.

Tony, Greenwood WA

Review 12 (26th October 2016)

'In 2005 I purchased a pair of 'in the ear' hearing aids. Since then my hearing has deteriorated and when I saw Varsha's recent advertisement in the News Paper I decided to inquire if it was possible to re-calibrate the hearing aids. Varsha replied by return and advised that the usual life of these hearing aids is 6 to 8 years so mine were well out of date. However she kindly offered to locate the older version of the software and was successful in doing so. The hearing aids were re-calibrated although it was not an easy task and I am most grateful to Varsha for her expertise and patience in persevering with the re-calibration. My hearing has much improved and my family are now able to speak to me without raising their voices or repeating what they have said. The improvement in my hearing is quite remarkable and rather unexpected..'

John, Ellenbrook WA

Review 11 (20th September 2016)

I have nothing but accolades for Varsha for the professional and caring way she conducts business. I have had a hearing problem for years and thought hearing aids were out of my reach because of the cost - then one day I saw Varsha's newspaper advertisement and kept it to one side to do some research - when I did I was suitably impressed. I rang and made an appointment - the hearing test was very thorough and I had every thing explained to me as we went along. Varsha gave me all the details of hearing aids suited to my hearing loss and the decision was made. Now I have had the hearing aids for just over two weeks, I am so happy to be able to hear everything so clearly and easily - I no longer miss words or conversations and they fit so well and are so comfortable, no one even knows I am wearing hearing aids unless I tell them ! Thanks Varsha for a wonderful experience - I love getting up every morning and put my aids on and hearing all the things I was missing out on !.

Carol, Victoria Park WA

Review 10 (17th September 2016)

Since 2006 when I first started wearing hearing aids at the age of 42 I have been Working in the oil and Gas industry whilst wearing Intrinsically safe hearing aids for several years now. From the moment i walked into Agape clinic I was treated to the most imformative and professional adjustment to my Hearing aids i have ever experienced. Thanks Varsha for the best service/quality and professionalism i have experienced.

Paul, Alkimos WA

Review 9 (14th September 2016)

After searching the Internet I found Agape Australia to be an excellent Hearing Clinic. Varsha ( Audiologist) took the time to explain to me my hearing needs, my expectations and what follow up she offered. At all times she was extremely patient and highly professional, with both myself and my daughter, answering all our questions and helped solve some issues relevant to my situation.

Another outstanding and very important issue was the cost. Agape Australia offered the best price I had found for the high quality hearing aids of my choice. I walk every morning and can now enjoy listening to my music through my hearing aids, which I find marvellous.

Since the fitting of my hearing aids, I can truthfully say that a very difficult problem has been solved thanks to Agape Australia.

Ann, Warwick WA

Review 8 (19th August 2016)

“I've had noises induced hearing loss & tinitus for 10+ years, & refused to admit that I needed to do something about it. Eventually I bit the bullet & sought help, I went to two hearing practises which were professional in their service, one lacked the personnel touch, the other I found expensive, I had no idea how expensive hearing aids were. Eventually I found Agape, I phoned Agape & discussed my hearing problems with Varsha, she was very helpful & knowledgeable so I booked an appointment. Varsha is a very professional audiologist running a very professional business, the hearing aids she recommended were the same make as one of the other companies suggested I purchase but at 1/2 the price & with twice the service, it's a no brainer! Thanks Varsha.”.

Rob, Oceanreef WA

Review 7 (14th August 2016)

“I heard about Varsha and Agape hearing from my older brother who researches everything to the nth degree. Initially he was going to go to America to get hearing aids but then discovered Agape Hearing. He was very impressed so I went along also. I had been to another audiologist 12 years earlier but was told I would have to spend a minimum of $11,000 back then. That improved my hearing very quickly.

Varsha fitted me up with the very best aids available. They are amazing, i didn't know the world had so much sound; I didn't know coins clinked and paper rustled. I didn't know some ladies have an almost musical quality to their voices. And Varsha is just the nicest most helpful person. When I was in Asia recently I called into an audiologist to get a quote because we know that Asia is so much cheaper than Australia. Well I was wrong. Varsha's price was fully $1,000 cheaper and Varsha also supplied lots of extra things at no cost. I can not recommend Agape Hearing highly enough. I doubt you will find anything affordable in Australia and quite likely also in Asia”

Greg, Esperance WA

Review 6 (23rd June 2016)

“Brilliant professional standards, absolutely pleased with the product and the service was exceptional, would highly recommend Agape to any one with hearing difficulty you will not be disappointed,price is very good for quality products”.

Brian, Pearsall

Review 5 (14th June 2016)

“If you need to get sound (pun) advice regarding hearing loss and a suitable remedy, you will not find anyone more caring or professional than Varsha. I was given an aid to trial and it was made clear that I was not obligated to purchase an aid until I was sure it would be of an advantageous. When I found it to be advantageous, I went back to have a new one programmed to suit my hearing loss and features turned on to suit my needs fitted at a price that was below that of any of my friends had paid for theirs. I would recommend Agape (Varsha) to anyone in need of some professional hearing advice and care”.

Paul S, Mount Richon

Rerview 4 (8th June 2016)

“I have seen many doctors about my hearing over the last 9 years and I finally found an Audiologist that was able to help me. Varsha was referred to me by another Audiologist and I was glad I got to meet her. Varsha took time getting to know what my hearing difficulties were and understood what the issue was. I now have the hearing focus kit which has really assisted in diminishing my communication barrier. Highly recommend Agape Hearing to anyone who has Auditory Processing Disorder”.

Brad, Osborne Park

Review 3 (8th June 2016)

I was aware of my hearing problem for quite some time. I guess I was in denial. Hearing startedbecoming embarrassing for me and I kept putting off having my hearing tested. Sadly, I wasn’t aware that a hearing aid could improve my quality of life. I thought that at the ‘tender’ age of 46, I was ‘too young’ to get a hearing aid. Only after working with little children and not quite being able to hear them properly, did I consider making an appointment with an Audiologist. After consulting with a couple of Audiologists and finding out their prices, I was about to put it ‘on hold’ – even though I desperately needed help with my hearing loss in the high frequency range. A couple days later, I opened the local paper and there was Agape’s advertisement. It was early evening and I gave them a call thinking it would go to voice mail. But lo and behold, Varsha answered. She was more than willing to chat and gave me an appointment that suited my time. Out of all the Audiologists I visited, Varsha performed the most thorough set of hearing tests. Varsha impressed me as being a caring and thoroughly professional advisor on the options available to suit my budget and need. In no time, we decided on a brand that suited my need and budget. Since then, I have received professional after-sales service and attention. I have been back several times for fine tuning to get the best results and Varsha has always made me feel welcome and nothing ever appears to be too much trouble. Varsha would contact me regularly to see how it was going. She is accommodating in all ways. My hearing aid from Agape has saved me thousands of dollars and have no hesitation in recommending a visit to Agape for all who think that they may have a hearing problem. Such outstanding service and competitive prices indeed. At Agape, I was tested in a silent environment,yet they have the technology to set up my hearing aid for a noisy environment in order to get the best out of them.Varsha was friendly and respectful in determining my particular needs as I am sure she will be with you. I am very impressed with the patience, professionalism and understanding shown to me. I have not looked back. Thank you Varsha!

Yolanda, Heathridge

Review 2 (5th June 2016)

“I felt my hearing was deteriorating so made appointment to attend Agape Hearing Clinic.On doing so I found the hearing test and subsequent questions regarding situations where I found the loss to be greater very insightful and gave me confidence that Varsha has a thorough training and knowledge in her profession.

After the initial consultation I was advised of the correct type of hearing aids for my loss, I was very pleased to Trial at no cost the recommended hearing aids for a few days where I could observe the improvement while in the real life situations which I had found the most difficult, this resulted in my purchase of the aids.

Another very good aspect of Agape is the business plan used by Varsha where she is the principal and has no overheads.This then makes the costs to the client more affordable. I can therefore thoroughly recommend Agape Hearing to anyone who has a hearing loss”.

James, Wanneroo

Review 1 (29th March 2016)

“I had been to two major hearing clinics in Perth with my Mum. The first clinic was in a hurry to sell a pair of hearing aids, not even making an attempt to explain the benefits of the hearing aids. The second clinic dealt with me professionally, but the price was too high. I happened to see Agape's ad in the newspaper and decided to explore my options. The service received was exceptional from day one, Varsha took extra time and effort to explain everything in detail. I would strongly recommend Agape to anybody without a doubt”

Terry, Madeley