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Most people associate hearing loss with aging. Hearing loss develops gradually over years and it is common for a person with hearing loss to complain that other people are not speaking clearly. Most often people around you notice it more often than you. Most people believe that hearing loss is a sign of weakness and aging thus there is a lot of stigma towards hearing aids, which is changing due to awareness and the strong link between hearing loss and dementia.
The success of hearing aid fitting depends on the type of device chosen, it’s fitting, counselling and extensive follow up. It is very important to receive this face to face support from a knowledgeable professional for a successful outcome. Online hearing aid dispensers simply sell the device without any of these support. Online hearing aids only have minimal warranty, where as you can receive upto 2 to 3 years of warranty if purchased from a qualified and licenced Audiologist.
A strong correlation between hearing loss and incident all-cause Dementia was reported by Lin-et-al in 2011. Since then several researchers have studied the relationship between hearing loss and Dementia. Recent study by Gurgel et al (2014) concludes that elderly individuals with hearing loss have an increased rate of developing Dementia than their non-hearing impaired counterparts.
Most people consider one hearing aid instead of two purely due to cost factors. If you have hearing loss in two ears the best recommendation is to wear two hearing aids. The advantages of two hearing aids outweigh the cost. Speeech understanding in group and noisy situation is much better with two hearing aids and also gives you better sound quality. With two hearing aids you have better localization (you are able to tell the direction of sound). It also keeps both ears active and a feeling of balanced hearing. Just like you need both eyes to see clearly you need two ears to hear clearly.
Agape offers a 30 day trial period allowing you plenty of time to get used to the sound quality.
Hearing Impairment is the most frequent sensory deficit in human populations, affecting more than 250 million people in the world. Given the growing number of people with hearing loss and recent studies suggesting that hearing loss is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s Dementia, social isolation & Depression - it is important to have regular hearing checks. As per the Audiology Foundation of America every adult should have a baseline hearing check by the age of 30 and adults over the age of 40 should have an annual hearing check. One out of three adults over the age of 65 has a hearing loss.
We are an independent family owned business. We are not owned or supported by any Hearing aid manufacturer - Most hearing health care providers are either manufacturers’ outlets or have contracts with a main manufacturer due to economic benefits/reasons. Many small hearing aid outlets get assistance to start their business from major manufacturers with a term contract to sell their products.

As a client you don’t get an opportunity to try or purchase hearing aids which have the best innovative technology as most organisation have their flagship products/brands. As an independent hearing health care provider, Agape provides the best hearing aids and accessories from a choice of different manufacturers and you get a better product based on your lifestyle and budget.
Recommended age for CAPD testing is 7 years and older. Testing can also be done at the age of 6 but a follow up at the age of 7 is highly recommended as they usually catchup to their age level given another year’s development. Very young children often have limited ability to attend to the entire test battery as they get exhausted easily.